Sssshhh…[We See Lights & John D McIntosh…]

You + Me =

So a while ago we mentioned that We See Lights were doing this. News is, they did this. Probably, a little late but here it is. It was recorded in May of 2011 with the able help of Simon Reid (producer of Twee Love Pop). Not the other Simon Reid. Over the course of the weekend We See Lights and John D McIntosh recorded six tracks. All songs were written by John D McIntosh. You can listen here. And you can look at some pictures from the weekend here. We See Lights had told us that they wanted to do something different. They wanted to play with John. They liked his songs. So did we. And, if one day we get the green light, we might release it!

We See Lights & John D McIntosh (Summer 2011)

There has been no promotion of this recording as yet. We See Lights have been hard at work on their new album (release date summer 2013). John D McIntosh has been on X-Factor. We See Lights have been doing jobs. And Heroes and Gluepots have been waiting for something to happen. Anyway, secretly, you can now listen. Sssssh. One idea would be to add John D McIntosh on Twitter (@John_D_McIntosh) and hammer him with Tweets requesting hardcopies, gigs and  promotion. That is, if you like it. We certainly do.


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