John McIntosh & We See Lights EP

Heroesandgluepots are absolutely delighted to announce that following the collaboration of We See Lights and John McIntosh at the Solas Festival last month we will be releasing a 6 track EP at the end of August.

John McIntosh is a songwriter from Edinburgh whose talent is a well kept secret. Now, being a secret is not to say John isn’t known to those in the Edinburgh music scene. Having played with Myagi, The Electric Ghosts, The Rushes, WMD, and more recently We See Lights, John has played everything from drums, bass, bongos, guitar to bozouki! However to those in the know, it’s no secret that John is one of the best songwriters around. We managed to get a wee word from Stephen of We See Lights about this collaboration:

“Through the process of this collaboration it’s been effortless to find the groove, harmony or beat to John’s songs. When you hear one of John’s songs you experience that striking feeling: “haven’t I heard this before?” You haven’t. It’s just a sign of the songwriting’s strength and elegance. It’s got a mature, developed and heartfelt quality. It’s disappointingly rare occurence to ever see John playing and singing these hidden gems. That said, get the right house party, a few beers, and a guitar and John will play more songs than you can remember. In fact it’s always the one thing that you remember from the night before.”

Ok. Thanks Stephen. We just wanted a wee word. We prefer music you know. Expect melodic strong songwriting backed up by the lively bounce of the We See Lights collective, who have taken this opportunity to re-configure around different instruments yet again! The band go into the studio with heroesandgluepots favourite producer Simon Reid (he put the pop into Wsl’s Twee Love Pop) at the start of this month. If you can’t wait until then, we’ve managed to find this video from this year’s Solas Festival, enjoy.


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