Twee Press Release

Heroesandgluepots Press Release 7 April 2011


Heroesandgluepots are thrilled to announce the release of Twee Love Pop by We See Lights which is released on 30 April 2011.

  • The EP features the singles: I Hope You Like the Smiths and My Oh My Oh My which were released on 11 April 2011 and have already received airplay on 6Music, BBC Scotland and Radio 2. The EP will be available for digital download on iTunes through Record Union from 30 April 2011 and is currently streaming on the band’s website ( Hardcopies will be avaliable in all good independent record stories i.e. Avalanche Edinburgh and Glasgow (where else?).
  • The band are hosting a Twee Jamboree at 2pm on 14 May 2011 at St. Paul’s Pilrig Church in Leith to launch the EP. The Twee Jamboree will also feature Kathryn Williams, Very Well plus more tbc. The best thing about the EP launch however is that it’s a craft fayre too – the launch will have lots and lots of local arts and crafts on sale as well as original clothing provided by Vi Nouveau. This is totally twee. We love it at heroesandgluepots. We’ve heard that there will be homebaking and board games. Wow. P. Diddy and Chris Martin are also going to be there.
  • The band are  have been bimbling around the Scottish indie folk scene since early 2008. having previously released two EPs and one LP, Ghosts & Monsters,  funded by the Scottish Art’s Council. They also pioneered the much loved and adored Christmas Songwriters’ Club held annually (at Christmas!)

We, at Heroesandgluepots, are so excited that we baked a cake. The band don’t seem so excited about the release; we asked them for comments about the release, this is what they said:

Stephen Bogle (songwriter/vocalist) – Single comment – “I think I prefer My Oh My Oh My to I Hope You Like this Smiths. That’s because I don’t really like Morrissey.

EP comment – “To be honest, the band has completely lost it – if they we ever had it in the first place. This EP is brimming with twee-ness and is micawberic in a bad way. Listening back to it now, I don’t understand how we could have recorded this music. It’s a recession. We’ve called it Twee Love Pop as a health warning. I don’t think I will ever listen to it again. I hate this EP.

Allan Rae (songwriter/vocalist) EP comment – “This is the sound of our band falling apart, the final implosion of our sanity and naked embrace of a twisted simulacrum of reality before we decided to abandon it all and go live as hermits in a yurt. Such things are we driven to, as tortured, tortured, men.”

Single comment – “I’d like these songs if it wasn’t for the fact that I bore witness to their harrowing Apocalypse Now-style creation. I will never forget that horror. Such horror.”

Paul Livingstone (bass player / god of gloc) EP comment – “This the soundtrack to the new winter of discontent. If there was ever a reason to close the libraries and consign music and the arts to the trashcan of history, this is it. God forbid this EP ever become available for public consumption. I hope Morrissey sues the (presumably tweed) pants off us. I’m off to drink a bottle of windolene in the hope that I never again recall the 20 odd minutes of my life I lost listening to this tripe.


If you would like to arrange and interview with the band, or wish a hardcopy of the EP, please get in touch with us on To find out more about We See Lights go to: Here you will find a digitial press pack which includes: promotional pictures; two sample tracks; a band biography and sample pdf artwork.


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